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A word about Handicap Travel

KHOGALI INDEPENDENT PROJECT ENGINEERING S.L. has been found in 1988 in Germany and since then operated mainly in African and Middle East Countries in close co-operation with International Charity and AID Organization on projects to improve, help and support minorities, handicapped and disabled people in third world countries.

Due to the repeated requests from different European Organizations for disabled minorities regarding the lack of serious and suitable holiday respectively re-creation and rehabilitation resorts in favoured holiday countries, KHOGALI I.P.E S.L. has decided in 1999 to establish its company also in Spain and found HANDICAP-TRAVEL.

As the first marketing study on behalf of HANDICAP-TRAVEL has proved and was re-confirmed by the corresponding departments of the European Community Countries as well as the different organizations in charge of disabled affairs, the demand and need for said holiday / recreation centres, especially in Andalusia is tremendous.

After one year of thorough investigation in Spain we are happy to confirm that a very reasonable number of holiday hotels, resorts and private apartment unities have agreed to adjust respectively re-built parts or even their entire room capacities into suitable accommodation for handicapped and disabled people.

This fact has encouraged us to address more holiday resorts and hotels to follow their adorable example, and we are now in a position to offer more than 100 rooms and apartments perfectly adjusted to meet all the needs of handicapped people travelling with their own wheel chair or renting (all-terrain-)wheel chairs at their holiday destination.

In the meantime we have already started to book the first holidays for handicapped tourists at the Costa del Sol and their DREAM HOLIDAYS confirm our right way for the future.

The Year 2003 was the YEAR of the disabled and handicapped people !

Let us practice the new law of equity !

  Please contact us for special offers, trial and long term stay for elderly people
as well as for long term rentals in general!
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